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              Micro-silica fume
              • Micro-silica fume
              Micro-silica fume

              Product description:

                Performance: silicon powder is a very widely used inorganic non-metallic materials, with excellent dielectric properties, low thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity. It has the advantages of high whiteness, fine particles, reasonable particle size distribution, medium median diameter of 0.8 u m, large specific surface area, excellent suspension performance and high purity.

                Uses: paint, paint, adhesive, silicone rubber, precision casting, high-grade ceramics, epoxy potting and general electrical appliances, high-voltage components of the insulation pouring, integrated circuit of plastic materials and potting, powder coating, And other resin filler, can also be used as silicon carbide, corundum montmorillonite and other refractory products additives.

                Packing: 25kg plastic woven bag, lined with plastic film seal. Can also be packaged according to user requirements.