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              Ceramic glaze
              • Ceramic glaze
              Ceramic glaze

              Product description:

                Ceramic composite emulsifier is the use of solid particles micro-nano-scale ordered composite technology, through the specific phase and specific elements of the inorganic matter by physical and chemical reactions prepared composite powder material. The opaque glaze added with the composite opacifier reacts at a high temperature to produce a new phase with a high refractive index and a small grain size so that a high quality glaze layer can be formed on the surface of the ceramic body. The use of the composite opacifier glaze with high whiteness, good foam, gloss strong, smooth, smooth, delicate and so on. Ceramic composite emulsifier non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive, non-radioactive, cost lower than the traditional opener, is the traditional anti-inflammatory products, is sanitary ceramics and building ceramics to enhance the quality and improve efficiency Ideal material.