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JRapid Corp.

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US Headquarters
440 N Wolfe Rd. Sunnyvale 94085, CA
+1 (408) 329-4131
Development facilities
Av. Cordoba 883, piso 9 Buenos Aires, Argentina
+54 (11) 4131-8963

Matias Bagini Founder and CEO

Matias Bagini

Matias is Software Engineer from ITBA (Buenos Aires Institute of Technology). Previous to founding JRapid Corp. he worked as developer in two software factories. He developed HTMLi, one of the first Open Source AJAX frameworks.

Matias has business and technical strategical responsabilities.


German Gail Founder and CTO

German Gail

German is Software Engineer from ITBA (Buenos Aires Institute of Technology) and has plenty of experience in design and development of web applications. He was part of open source projects as HTMLi, working in its architecture, management and presenting it in IT conferences.

German is responsible for JRapid Web Designer project and leads JRapid Community.


Osvaldo Pasut CCO

Osvaldo Pasut

Osvaldo is Bachelor of Computer Science from UBA (University of Buenos Aires). He founded Intersoft and Fuego Technologies (recently adquired by BEA and then Oracle). He has a large career on executive positions at the software company Intersoft.

Osvaldo is in charge of the development of new business.

Fernando Racca CFO

Fernando Racca

Fernando is MBA from IESE Barcelona, Spain. He founded Fuego Technologies (recently adquired by BEA and then Oracle). He is president at Intersoft, software company with more than 25 years on the market.

Fernando is responsible for JRapid financial area.

Christian Hein External Projects Manager

Christian Hein

Christian is a Software Engineer from ITBA (Buenos Aires Institute of Technology).

Christian is in charge of the success of external projects built with JRapid platform.

Nicolas Rodolfo Fauceglia Developer

Nicolas Rodolfo Fauceglia

Nicolas Rodolfo Fauceglia is a Software Engineer who studied at UTN (National Technological University).

He is responsible for the UI code generator.

Vicente Tommasi Java Developer

Vicente Tommasi

Vicente Tommasi is an Industrial Engineer from ITBA (Buenos Aires Institute of Technology), Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) and Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for the Java EE Platform (SCEA).

Vicente Tommasi is in charge of the server side code generation.

Emiliano Mendoza Peņa Web designer

Emiliano Mendoza Peņa

Emiliano is a web designer and developer with plenty of experience dealing with HTML and CSS. In the past, he worked for many web based companies.

Emiliano is responsible for JRapid's look and feel.