The rapid development platform for Java developers

Most enterprise web applications share the same application patterns.
JRapid has identified them and created a platform to boost development, using Java and your favorite open source frameworks.


JRapid Showcase

REM Sample App: Real Estate

Real Estate Management
JRapid Applications

HRM Sample App: HR Manager

Human Resource Manager
JRapid Applications

CRM Sample App: CRM

Customer Relationship Management
JRapid Applications

How JRapid works

Most enterprise web applications share the same application patterns. However, developers code them in every new project. JRapid identified many of these patterns and created a modeling language called AML to implement them quickly. Developers can model applications in a visual way or writing an XML file. JRapid can be used online through JRapid IDE or using our plugin for Eclipse. Learn more...

Why you should use JRapid

  • Java

    JRapid generates standard Java code: HTML, Hibernate, Spring, Log4j and JasperReports. See the Java generated code for a demo app (with this AML source code).

  • Powerful UI

    Professional, powerful and customizable UI. Plenty of widgets, views and plugins. Includes lots of themes. Check out this demo app and press the F9 key to change its theme.

  • Cloud ready

    In just one click, apps built with JRapid can be deployed to JRapid Cloud or AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

  • Business Intelligence

    Crosstabs, tables and charts automatically generated for each entity.