Most business web applications
share the same patterns...

JRapid identified these patterns, and created
a modeling language to implement them...

AML: Application Modeling Language

JRapid Visual JRapid XML

You can code
AML using...

AML is...

From this model, JRapid automatically
generates a running Java web application...

with an impressive HTML User Interface!

Developers can write Java code as they are
used to. No restrictions. No constraints.


Use Eclipse or your favorite IDE

JRapid applications can be deployed to our cloud. Instant deployment, no waste of time.

You own the code so you can deploy it wherever
you want, but we offer JRapid Cloud to
deploy in just a single click...

  • JRapid

    JRapid Cloud
  • AWS Beanstalk

    AWS Beanstalk
  • Your own servers

    Your own servers

In conclusion, Develop Java applications 5 to 10 times faster Impressive User Interface
Deploy instantly to the cloud

  • Productivity

    Apply the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) pattern and boost development speed.
  • Impressive UI

    Choose among our themes and get apps with powerful UIs.
  • QA and maintainability

    Applying the same patterns on each application you get improved maintainability.
  • Cloud

    Deploy automatically into the cloud and get scalability.
  • Get fun

    Spend your time writing the business logic and avoid the boring HTML coding.
  • Reuse

    Use our library of widgets, views and templates and reuse pre-existing code.
  • Java

    Code in Java: an enterprise-grade, robust platform.
  • Patterns

    Apply application patterns and share the same language between stakeholders.